“I’ve searched for 20 years to find this ONE powerful trading tool... and I’m going LIVE to share it with you

Former CBOE Trading Legend

Bryan Bottarelli

Bryan Bottarelli

Wednesday, January 11, at 2 p.m. ET









The event is live!

It’s taken me 20 years to develop what I’m going to show you in the next few days...

You see...

Most people who follow me know that I deliver fast gains...

67% in 17 minutes
71% in 26 minutes
98% in 13 minutes
54% in 4 minutes

Even 121% in 80 minutes.

I love showing my members these kinds of terrific results...

However... despite the well over 1,400 wins I’ve given to my followers...

There has been one major limitation.

For 20 years... I’ve had to search out... scan... and find every single opportunity.

Across over 5,000 stocks... it’s impossible for one person to do.

But that all changes on Wednesday, January 11, at 2 p.m. ET.

I’m going LIVE...

To show you the single most powerful tool on the planet for identifying the BEST trading opportunities.

No... I’m not selling you a typical research service...

Another newsletter...

Or another report.

Nothing like that.

Instead, in this FREE event...

I’m unveiling a completely new kind of technology.

This is something that could help you ACCELERATE your success in the market...

And perhaps even ACCELERATE your retirement or other financial goals.

Up until now...

The only people to see this technology were those who paid thousands of dollars to follow me in The War Room.

But now... for the first time ever...

You have the opportunity to discover this amazing breakthrough for yourself... for FREE.

In short...

I’ll demonstrate a brand-new piece of technology that uses proprietary algorithms and machine learning to identify amazing, high-probability setups...

And target same-day gains as high as 400%... 288%... and even 553%.

One early user started using this tool with $12,500 in his account.

Just 12 days later... his account had grown to $37,758.

That’s over $25,000 in profit... in less than two weeks!

But if you want to use this tool for yourself...

You won’t find it on a Bloomberg terminal... on Yahoo Finance... or on your broker’s website.

You’ll see this amazing technology only if you join me for what I’m calling my Accelerated Profits Summit LIVE.

That’s right... it’s 100% live...

I’m on camera... no script... no net...

You’ll see everything. The good, the bad... and the ugly.

(Hopefully it’s mostly good...)

Plus... we’ll do a live Q&A at the end...

You can even chat with my moderators during the event.

Now... as always... we can’t offer any personalized investment advice.


If you’re ready to accelerate your success... and your profit potential...

I hope you’ll join me.

Mark Your Calendar!

Wednesday, January 11, at 2 p.m. ET

On November 2... after the Fed’s announcement sparked a huge move in the market...

This tech breakthrough showed setups with the potential for same-day gains as high as...

90% on Airbnb
101% on Apple
109% on Walgreens
76% on Phillips 66
94% on Oracle
214% on Cisco

In all... $1,000 in each play would have made over $6,800.

Now, just think about that...

Over $6K... in just one day!

Imagine doing that over and over... for a week... and a month... and a year!

That’s the power of the trading tech I want to show you in our upcoming Accelerated Profits Summit LIVE.

You’ll see everything 100% in real time... including the setups the technology spots that very day!

Discover the ONE tool you can use the very next day to help you take your trades to the next level:

  • Receive daily double- and triple-digit opportunities
  • Access LIMITLESS profit potential
  • Target same-day gains as high as 400%... 288%... and even 553%
  • Scan AUTOMATICALLY for nearly infinite “W” and “M” patterns
  • Get fully customizable alerts in REAL TIME
  • Use machine learning and proprietary trading algorithms you WON’T find anywhere else
  • See the exhaustive backtest spanning over 2,300 setups
  • Learn how six setups would have made $6,800 in pure profit in one day (with just $1,000 in each!)
  • Participate in the LIVE Q&A at the end
  • Chat with moderators during the event.
  • And much MORE!

Mark Your Calendar!

Wednesday, January 11, at 2 p.m. ET

Early Users Have Already Made a Killing!

Just take a look at reports from just the first two weeks using this breakthrough trading tool...

“Got an alert on DLTR on Friday and made my first trade for a 43% same-day win!! Looking forward to many more of these.”

Stephen S.

“Wow... 10 alerts so far today... all but one in the profit zone! Have only entered six but WOW.”


“191% winner on WOOF… thanks folks!”

Joe S.

“I’m on a cruise ship in the Bahamas... Made 142% gain on CRWD... $6,943 in profit! To borrow Bryan’s highly scientific term... this is frickin’ awesome!”


“In the last two days have had 4 winners no losers.”


“1st P$ trade yesterday... In yesterday... out this morning for 107% gain. Nice... thanks!”

Bryan P.

“Got into a p$ recommended trade, hit my target and got out. EYYYYE LIKE IT! 1st win of many!”

Paul M.

“Just completed my first P$ trade on COP... out for a profit! What fun!”


“3 alerts on P$ today... all 3 positive results!”

TJ in West PA

Mark Your Calendar!

Wednesday, January 11, at 2 p.m. ET